Rolig + Wisar: A success story

Maria Lopez Fontanals    (Posted: June 18, 2018)
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At Wisar, we work to create successful connections between professionals and companies contracting our services. As a company dedicated to connect flexible talents with global and flexible companies one of the most important challenges for us is to match professionals with businesses, making sure the professional’s skills are totally aligned with our clients (companies) expectations.

Finding the best candidate that can make a real difference to your business and seeing how professionals and companies do great work together is our daily satisfaction.

Our blog is made up of many topics related with the #flexibletalent and #TheFutureOfWork, but this new section is especially important to us because will show you the real stories of people and companies using Wisar to successfully find work models that fit their personal lives.

Companies and professional have different reasons for wanting a flexible job, but they all share one thing in common: they want new ways to work that help them to achieve a better work-life balance and Wisar is able to help.

They are the subject of this Wisar success story: Nath Lilienfeld (Rolig co-owner with Patricia Zeegers), Ligia Rolim (Project Manager at Rolig) and Elisabet Rius (Brick and Mortar Manager at Rolig).

Rolig, is a branding agency based in Barcelona that was born “from the extreme need of a scientist to leave the laboratory”. From 2010 the company works to achieve the goal of “ bring down branding to earth”. Linking both creative and critical thinking allows Rolig to increase conversion rates of brands and companies, and “to get rid of deeply embedded beliefs that corporative branding are unchangeable”.

Focused on a lean philosophy approach based on construction, measurement and learning, Rolig builds dynamic brands that are constantly adapted to their fast-changing environment and markets.

A daring business strategy that aims to “support and strengthen the emotional relationship between a brand and its community, including customers, suppliers and employees”.

Nath met Wisar a year ago thanks to his partner Patricia (Wisar’s mentor) and it was “at first sight” purchase. For him, knowing that Sandra Arevalo founded Wisar after her maternity leave and as a personal need for balancing her work and personal life was really important to him to take the decision of working with Wisar.

“The systematic punishment of workers mums at the workplace is one of the many things I will never understand.”, said Nath.

From then on Rolig + Wisar, have built a win-win relationship. Today 4 workers of Rolig came from Wisar.


A day in the life of a remote worker
Working remotely and in a flexible way is the first reason why professionals come to Wisar.

Ligia, for example have found that telecommuting makes her maternity easier. “Working from home allow me to take care of my daughter” at the same time she pursue her professional goals.

Most of my collaborations can be done remotely so I can work from home. Having a remote job you can work from anywhere, you can work from another country if you want and with flexible schedules.

“Sometimes you have to work at night, that’s true, but I do prefer to be free in the afternoon and enjoy this time with my daughter”.


Why is it good to be a flexible at work?
For Rolig there is no another way of working. Having a good planning, well-defined workflows and the right team coordination, you always know when you will need someone to work so you can forecast daily, weekly and monthly the amount of working hours you will need to achieve your business goals.

“There is no sense having highly qualified professionals at the office killing their time without any work to do” said Nath.

Ligia, chose to leave corporate life to be her own boss on Retail on The Goal and to spend time with her daughter. Despite the ricks of entrepeneurship, “I have the flexibility to choose the companies I work with, the hours I am working or when I work”. “You can also increase your networking contacts, and I keep up to date with new technologies, events and new collaborations”.

The main reasons why Elisabet chose to work remotely were “the freedom to work with who I want, where I want and when I want. Flexible working let me also take advantage of  my biorhythms so I’m able to decide when to work according to my level of creativity”.


The benefits of telecommuting
For Nath, the key benefits of flexible working are “the work-life balance and because you are able to undertake projects otherwise would be more complicated. As for example, having children or taking care of family members”.

In the case of Ligia, flexibility is a lifestyle. She thinks that “flexible professionals are happier and happier workers are much productive”. “I think that the 100% face-to-face model with traditional schedules and rigid routines are living on borrowed time” she says.

But, with the flexibility of working form home there are also challenges. Opportunities that help us to learn how to create a more flexible workplace in the future.

Flexible workers for example, need to develop and practice self-discipline, both Ligia and Elisabet highlight.

“We must constantly be aware of those daily factors that hinder effective discipline” and “keep the team spirit up” having “face-to-face meetings and using management apps to keep communication alive”, highlights Ligia .

For Elisabet it is necessary to understand that “the value of flexibility is just that, be flexible and adaptable to the needs of small businesses”.

In the case of the company, the biggest challenges are to “manage teams” and being able to “support them in a properly way”.


A long-term relationship

Wisar is important for Rolig because it helps to simplify the processes of “pre-selection candidates” and also because all matches with Wisar have always been good.

“We have always found the right candidate for the jobs needs” and this is why Rolig would recommend Wisar.

“Unless your company have a talent acquisition position, the best option is the externalization of the selection process to find the best candidates for your business”, said Nath.

“The main benefits that I can hihgliht are: Optimization the spent time finding new talent, the possibility of doing an extremely selective search to make a fit in projects with extremely detailed requirements”, he added.

In the case of professionals, the relationship with Wisar make the management process easier, such as time tracking, contracts and billing, as well as get projects and job positions aligned to your ther skills, expertise and needs.


Thank you Nath, Ligia and Elisabet, for your confidence and for opening with Wisar new ways of working, we love to see you grow!


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María Cajo Redondo, Community Manager, Ligia Rolim, Project Manager (Wisar), Patricia Zeegers, Owner, María Cristina, Social Media Strategy (Wisar), Nath Lilienfeld, Owner, Eduard Jubany, Strategyst (Wisar)