WISAR informs the Users of its Platform about the policy regarding the treatment of personal data of users and clients that may be collected by browsing or through the engagement of any service provided in the Platform. Accordingly, WISAR complies with the current Spanish Data Protection Law, set forth in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter, “LOPD”) and its implementing regulations.

The use of the Platform implies the acceptance on this Privacy Policy.


In compliance with the current Spanish data protection laws, set forth in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, we inform the users that in WISAR, technical and organizational measures have been adopted in accordance with the provisions of the afore mentioned regulations. All personal data collected from the forms will be treated, exclusively, by WISAR’s authorised personnel or by the data processor herein established. Appropriate levels of security have been adopted according to the persona data recollected and, in addition, all the means and technical measures available have been installed in order to prevent any loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the data.



The User declares that all personal data is correct and accurate and undertake to keep them up to date, communicating WISAR any further modification. The User will respond of the accuracy of their data and will be solely responsible for any conflicts or disputes that may arise due to the falsity of the same. It is important, in order to keep all personal data up to date, that User informs WISAR at any time that there is a change to it. Otherwise, we will not be able to respond for the veracity of it.



WISAR has the duty to inform any User of the website about the collection of personal data carried out, either through email of by filling in the registration form included in the website. WISAR will be considered as the responsible for the collection of any personal data collected through the means described above.

Data collected through the means described includes the attention of requests made by users, the inclusion in the contact list, the provision of services and the management of the commercial relationship. Operations, procedures and technical procedures that are carried out in an automated or non-automated manner and that enable the collection, storage, modification, transfer and any other actions on personal data, are considered to be processing of personal data.

Any personal data, collected through WISAR’s website, will be incorporated in the files notified to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

According to the LSSI, WISAR undertakes not to send commercial communications or newsletter without identifying them as such and without the prior consent of the users. For this purpose, the information sent to Users for the maintenance of the existing contractual relationship will not be considered as a commercial communication or Newsletter.

In any case, only the precise personal data will be collected in order to provide the contracted service, or to be able to respond adequately to any request of information made by the User.

The server where is hosted the website, use’s cookies that will be stored on the users’ computer. Cookies are small files that contain quantities of information about the visits of the website, such as, the day, the time when you start browsing the website, when you quit the website, as well as all the sections the user has checked. If the user wishes, he/she can setup his browser so that it notifies the User every time his browser receives a cookie, or to avoid the use of cookies, in such case, the user may not be able to browse the website. You will find more information concerning the use of cookies in our “Cookies Policy”(hyperlink)



The LOPD grants all users a series of rights concerning the treatment of their personal data. As long as the personal data is being treated by WISAR, Users may (i) access the data stored in our systems, (ii)request your data, (iii)suppressed all their personal data and (iv) object to the further use of your data by WISAR.

You may exercise these rights by sending an e-mail to or a letter to WISAR, S.L. En Avenida de la Torreblanca, 57, 08172, Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona (España). In all cases you must evidence your identity with a photocopy of your valid ID document o passport in order to exercise your ARCO rights.

The exercise of these rights must be done by the user himself. However, they may be exercised by a third person authorised by the user as his legal representative. In such case, the third party shall proved the legal document that acknowledges that he/she is the legal representative of the user.



WISAR will not distribute or disclose any of the users’ personal information, except when legally required or when the provision of a service implies the need of a contractual relationship with a data processor, and always accordingly with the Terms and Conditions of Use approved before by the user. Thus, when contracting our services, the user agrees that any of them, partially or totally, may be subcontracted by a third party, whom will be considered as data processor(according to article 3 from the LOPD), with which the corresponding contract has been agreed, or adhered to its privacy policy, establish in their website. The user also agreed that some of the personal information collected is provided to a data processor , when necessary for the effective performance of the contract. The user may refuse to the transfer of his personal data to the processor, by written request, by any of the aforementioned means.



This Privacy Policy was drafted on February 22nd, 2017, and could vary depending on the changes in the applicable legislation on data protection, making the data owner (user) the sole responsible for the reading the updated document, in order to be aware of their rights and obligations at all times.



At WISAR, we connect people and companies. This is why the personal data shared by the user is so important, as the information collected by WISAR, for what end and with whom is shared. You will find below the different points taken into account regarding the data policy used in WISAR.



While using our service, you agree that we may collect the following information:

  • Information or data provided while using the service: The information may correspond to the data included on the content that as user is uploaded to the Platform or the information regarding the use of the Services, such as with who do you interact, profiles visited, and the frequency.
  • Information about the account: While creating an account, you provide some information such as your name, surname, contact details, among others…
  • Any communication through the Platform.
  • Data regarding any payment through the Platform: Some services require from the user certain financial information. By the use of this services, we recollect data concerning the purchase and the transaction.
  • Data regarding the device from where the user access the Platform.
    • Geographical position of the connexion.
    • Specifications on the software and hardware.
    • Information provided by the connection (IP address, browser, phone, etc…)
  • Information about any other application related or integrated with the Platform: We may recover data provided outside of the Platform when we offer, as an example, collaboration with a third party.



In WISAR, we understand the value of the information provided by any user, thanks to this information we can optimize the Platform and offer a better service. For that end, you will find below the purpose of the collection and processing of that data:

  • Communication between WISAR and the user: WISAR may use the data offered by the users so reach them, in order to provide new information related to any Service, for security measures o to notify any modification on our policies.
  • Publicity: WISAR will use all data recovered to improve all the publicity shown to the users.
  • Improve the service: With the data recovered we will improve all services offered by WISAR, in order to improve users experience while browsing the Platform.
  • Improve security tools: the data recovered will serve as a useful tool to improve the security in WISAR’s Platform, through the data collected we will be able to follow up certain activities, protect users from third parties, as well as increase security on the Platform.



In WISAR’s Platform, some information may be disclosed according to:

  • Profile data of Professionals with potential clients.
  • Certain data, such as any data indexed by any search engine (such as Google) may be disclosed to any third party outside the Platform.
  • To any company related with WISAR.
  • In the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets.
  • External collaborations:
    • Advertising companies or data analysis
    • Other Service Providers