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Have an agent dedicated to get projects and job positions aligned to your expertise, availability, location and desired income.


Focus on your great work and forget about the unpaid endless hours looking for a job and knocking on doors.


We work only with payment verified clients. All work complying with the customer expectations is immediately paid.


Fill your application form, complete the selection interview and join our global community of flexible professionals.



Keep your career track with our professional development vendors and stay up to date with our relevant weekly content.


  • Do I need to have previous experience as a freelancer to join Wisar?

    Experience is valued but you don’t need to have a track-record as freelancer before joining our community. The keys to join Wisar are your skills, background and experience.

    It is our goal that your enjoy and make the most out of your experience with Wisar. As we work together, we’ll provide you with tools to professionalize your work as a freelancer.

  • I’m not sure freelancing is the best option for me. How can I check if my profile fits within Wisar before deciding to join?

    It’s OK to have doubts!  Although it’s not new, freelancing as a working scheme is uncommon for many professionals. Book here a session with our career coach to review your situation in detail and define if Wisar would be a good alternative for you.

  • Do I need to be officially registered as a self-employed individual?

    As part of the Terms and Conditions you accept for registering as a professional in Wisar, you commit to comply with the local labor & fiscal regulations. In some geographies we may put you in contact with legal partners for basic consultations. For specific inquires do not hesitate to contact us.

  • What is my contractual relationship with Wisar? Will you hire me as an employee?

    In general, you´ll be associated to Wisar as a freelance contributor. You´ll generate invoices for the work you complete either directly to the client or to us.  

  • By registering to Wisar am I committing to work on all the projects you select for me?

    No. We present you project alternatives but it’s your final decision to apply only to those projects on which you see a good fit with your skills, expertise, availability and income expectations.

  • How much would you charge me for the project search service?

    Nothing! Once you are registered in our system and the onboarding process is completed, we start to look for projects matching your skills and experience. You don´t have to pay for this portion of our service. Our fees will be covered by a commission charged to the projects that we get for you.

  • Can you further describe the onboarding process to Wisar?

    Upon registration, you’ll receive an invitation to join a complimentary session with our career coach, who will make sure your profile and career expectations are fully understood. A report will be generated to provide our matching agents with all the tools required to uncover relevant project opportunities for you. If you consider it necessary, you can also schedule follow up sessions with our career coach at special rates.

  • How do you measure my performance?

    Initially, your work will be reviewed by one of our Top Rated experts on the project field / sector. The expert will only release your work to the client when it complies with the expected outcomes.    

    You’ll build your reputation based on the experts feedback and the rating given by your clients. Once your performance is demonstrated, you’ll be granted permission to submit your work to clients without the experts approval.

    Freelancers with excellent track record will be granted the Top Rated status.

  • You say payments are guaranteed for projects that have been completed satisfactorily. What if the customer doesn’t want to pay for my work?

    The payments related to all our contracts are protected by escrow. Should there be any conflict, we’ll activate the dispute arbitrage protocol. It’s important to keep good records of all the communications with the client, reason why we encourage you to use our official communication channels.

  • What if the client wants to hire me directly?

    We’re happy to see your freelancer/client relationship evolving towards a long term direct working scheme. Just make sure you let us know about your intention to go direct one (1) month in advance. Keep in mind your customer will be charged with a fee proportional to your historic work together through us, in order to compensate the impact on Wisar for losing your talent.

More questions?

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