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  • How do you evaluate the skills, knowledge and experience of a freelancer to conclude he/she is the best for my projects?

    We have a very structured onboarding process comprising a full curriculum review and a personal interview to ensure all our professional freelancers are at the expected level of contribution. Our matching agents consider all the aspects of your projects in order to select the best freelancer(s) to work on them.   

  • How can you guarantee that my projects are completed on time and with the right quality?

    Our flawless execution of your projects starts at the very beginning.

    On one hand, during our project discussions with you, we ensure we fully understand your requirements, and agree on the budget, scope and timeline of your projects. By means of our project management tools we define with you the work schedules, specifying the required milestones to guarantee your project goals are achieved on time.

    On the other, the career progression of the Wisar freelancers includes quality reviews to their initial work before it reaches your hands. This step is removed once the freelancers have proven record of successful performance.
    In case of unforeseeable events or performance issues, we count with redundant profiles to back up our operations and ensure you don’t have delays on the delivery of your projects.

  • What if I’m not satisfied with the work performed by the freelancer you assign me?

    Your satisfaction is our priority. Since we count with many freelancers within our community, we offer you the possibility to request a change of freelancer as long as you want us to remain working on your project.   

    It’s important to keep good records of all the communications with our freelancers, reason why we encourage you to use our official communication channels.  

    Since the payments related to all our contracts are protected by escrow, should you be unsatisfied with the overall project results,

    you can retain / block the payments at any time. We’ll review the situation carefully and activate the dispute arbitrage protocol when necessary.

  • How do you treat my confidential information?

    All our contracts are covered by confidentiality clauses extended to all our collaborators and partners. Your information will never be shared with third parties unless you specifically request it.

  • What happens with my data once a project is completed?

    Our project cycle ends after we receive your payment and your final feedback on the project. By then, we have a maximum of 7 days to eliminate all your project records from our systems. We strongly recommend our freelancers to exchange all the information through Cloud Services (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) since you’ll be the owner of the information and it wouldn’t require us to keep any of your records in our systems. Once the project is completed you can remove the access to our freelancers and keep your information internal-only again.

  • How do you handle the payments?

    You can always choose to get a single invoice including the freelancer services and our commission fees, or two separated invoices, one direct from the freelancer and another from Wisar.

    Depending on our contact mode (on- / offline) you’ll process wire transfers (offline) or platform payments (online).

  • What if I want to hire a Wisar freelancer directly?

    We’re happy to see your freelancer/client relationship evolving towards a long term direct working scheme. Just make sure you let us know about your intention to go direct one (1) month in advance. As a client, you will be charged with a fee proportional to your historic work together through us, in order to compensate the impact on Wisar for losing access to the freelancer talent.

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