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Everyday, thousands of professionals leave the labor market due to difficulties to balance their personal and professional priorities.

At the same time, corporations lack of sufficient resources to cover their businesses peak demands, having restrictions to increase their headcount and limiting their talent pool to the local communities.

The underlying reason: rigid work schemes based in workplace presence instead of results based performance.

Talent, skills, knowledge and professional experience are a treasure for Wisar. To make the most use of them is our daily obsession. We can´t conceive a world with unemployed highly skilled professionals in a globally interconnected society.

We match professionals with businesses, making sure the right project management tools are in place to deliver results aligned with our clients expectations.

Achieving more together

Sandra Arévalo

Monica Ligeza

Andrés Vidal
CTO - AI Expert

Gisela Van Dillewijn
Talent Adquisition

Sandra Lombana
Biz Dev - LATAM

Carlos Gonzales
Chatbot Dev

Daniel Lopez
Web & Mobile Dev

Advisors & Mentors

Franc Carreras
Digital Marketing

Patricia Fernandez
Marketing Strategy

Patricia Zeegers
Female Entrepreneurship

Susana Grau
Business Strategy

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